World Youth Day – thanks to NSW Police and workers from City of Sydney, Railcorp, Emergency Services and all volunteers.

World Youth Day was an amazing experience bringing together the youth of the world and teaching us what harmony can be achieved with good will.

In this post I want to salute the myriad of workers from the NSW public sector as well as those from the City of Sydney and all the allied services.  They were amazing!

Their patience, warmth, hard work and help were invaluable and made the mammoth task of managing large crowds look like child’s play.  Of course we know that it required a superhuman effort and showed the world the calibre of each and every one of these wonderful people. We are proud of you.

The success of World Youth Day was often mentioned by pilgrims and the experience could not have been possible without the police, rail workers, ambulance officers, emergency services personnel, city workers.  It is a tribute to all these people that we could enjoy a safe well managed world class event.

Congratulations and thanks, you did us proud!

PHOTO OF THE DAY:  The Pope arriving at the volunteer thank you at the Domain.

Pope mobile at Volunteer Thank you

WYD volunteers at the Domain

Police on horseback at WYD

Photographs reproduced with permission Dom Marie©-(July, 20-21, 2008.)

~ by abstraktbiblos on Wednesday, 23 July, 2008.

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