Discrimination continues to affect employment of migrants.

Just a quick post to link to an interesting story in The Age by Helen Szoke reporting on new research, Harnessing Diversity research report being released today by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

It shows that Sudanese, Congolese, Burmese, Iraqi, Somali or any other recent arrival from a non-English-speaking country is experiencing discrimination when attempting to find work.

The most disturbing passage from this report is

“Harnessing Diversity makes it clear that racial discrimination is behind many of the rejections people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds face. While much of the blatant racism and name-calling is a thing of the past, the discrimination people face today is more subtle, entrenched and much more difficult to identify and deal with.”

Australia has been a country of opportunity for generations of migrants and it is disturbing to learn that subtle methods of exclusion are being used to sidestep laws that protect migrants from racism.

Read this story, Australia, land of the fair go (as long as you are not foreign) at this link.

Having just experienced the great mixing of people at World Youth Day, this story is particularly disappointing.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: World Youth Day pilgrims show what harmony can really be.

Pilgrims at WYD opening Mass

Photograph: Dom Marie, 15th July, 2008 ©.

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