Continued talk about an attack on Iran is gold for oil speculators.

The world is already suffering from the oil crisis and now the US is creating even further oil price rises through the uncertainty about a possible attack on Iran.

If Australians are looking for someone to castigate for the rising price of petrol then they have no further to look than their ally the US. It is now creating such uncertainty that speculation is making oil prices surge.

Not happy enough with a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the hawks are now using the presidential election to panic people into yet another conflict involving the whole middle east this time.  The wisdom of this is questionable.  In fact Admiral Mike Mullen questions the soundness of pursuing further action because “it could have unforeseeable consequences and put further pressure on US forces.”

As an outsider I wonder what the American public feels about all this?  The prestige of the United States could not be lower at the moment and this was highlighted yesterday as the IMF prepared to examine the US financial system.  This would have been unheard of before this. All this talk of war is conveniently burying this under a mountain of concern surrounding a possible strike on Iran

The world is already suffering from the effects of the Iraq war and the very thought of more conflict on a third front in this sensitive area leaves the rest of us reeling.

A supply shortage is part of the oil crisis, along with a weak US dollar and turning off supply in yet another oil producer will bring the planet to its knees.  Is this what the US wants?  The only winners are the speculators who are encouraged by the prospect of oil at $200 a barrel.

I would welcome comments from those living in the US because a new conflict is just so unbelievable to those of us looking in from outside.  The State Department has been hosing down the continuing speculation but is not diminishing our concerns.  Additionally, the destabilisation of the middle east through the war in Iraq has not led to increased democracy but rather suspicion and further internal strife.  These actions only serve to increase the  the reactionary pressure from those opposing US intervention into their region.

Diplomacy seems to be the last resort and military intervention no matter how unprepared and haphazard continues to be the primary policy pursued.

With the possible change of the Bush administration at the next presidential election those of us outside the US were holding our breaths waiting for a new fresh approach to US foreign policy.  One that would restore perceptions of the US as the fair and decent country that we remember.  One that considered its role as example of how civilized nations behaved in the modern era.  Where has that nation gone?  Please tell me that there will not be war on yet another front!


The moon above a glacier near the Antarctic Peninsula.

Moon rise over Antarctica.

Photograph by: DJ Jennings, National Science Foundation. Date Taken: October 23, 2007.


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