Emissions trading- what are the implications?

The issue of emissions trading has been bantered around this week with very little analysis.  This, I think is the problem, far too much scare mongering and very little actual insight into the true implications of the introduction of such a scheme. What is really needed is some reflective public debate

For the benefit of those wanting to explore the issue further I include this link to a very interesting post at The Road to Surfdom here.  It includes excerpts and links to some interesting articles discussing the possible impact of introducing an emissions trading scheme. It makes for some thought provoking reading and there may even be room for some optimism.


King penguins on Macquarie Island. King penguins can reach a height of 95 cm (27.5 in.) and a weight of 12 kg (26 lb.).

King pengiuns on Macquarie Island.

Photograph by: Mike Usher, National Science Foundation. Date Taken: February 3, 2005.

~ by abstraktbiblos on Saturday, 28 June, 2008.

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