The gasolene crisis, Opec, Government failures and consumers in denial- time to wake up!

The  OPEC conference has provoked a flood of discussion around the world touching on every issue  except what is really required: curbing gasolene consumption in high oil consuming nations, and increasing funding for renewable sources of energy and research into innovation.  The head- in- the sand attitude continues unabated.

The Australian opposition parties keep pushing cents worth of price drops through excise decreases.  The US flails around talking up new off shore exploration, think tanks and 4th of July ultimatums for those opposing the knee jerk politics.

All these approaches fail the basic cause of the problem, we need to lessen our use of fossil fuels for transport and industry, not in the future but right now. This dependency is based on failing to fund alternate energy sources whilst propping up conventional fossil fuels and years of neglect of funding transport and industrial infrastructure.

It is time to admit that not only ideology has to change but also individual habits have to change.  More importantly it is time to recognise that change is actually required, something that governments are loathed to admit in fear of angering their constituents with the bad news.

It is up to governments to face the reality of the situation and acknowledge that there will be no quick fixes in the near future.  It is the denial that is impeding the finding of new solutions and policies needed to encourage not act as disincentives to emerging technologies. Individuals, likewise need to adjust their expectations and shoulder individual responsibility for the crisis at hand.

The talk will continue, the blame shifting will continue, the sense of denial of the gasolene consuming public will continue, the failure to fund renewables may continue, the high oil prices world wide will certainly continue but the reality of the finite nature of fossil fuels will bite even harder until those charged with making policy stop putting off the hard decisions and govern for a sustainable future for their constituents.

Governments of all persuasions – get your heads out of the sand and address the issue at the core of this oil crisis! People everywhere wake up and stop blaming governments for  problems arising out of your consumption patterns, you too are to blame!!

~ by abstraktbiblos on Monday, 23 June, 2008.

One Response to “The gasolene crisis, Opec, Government failures and consumers in denial- time to wake up!”

  1. The government failure is congressmen thats brought over!

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