That’s his bloomin’ lot! – happy ‘retirement’ Peter Cundall.

Gardeners have always been a passionate lot but none more so than the legendary Peter Cundall of the ABC’s Gardening Australia television show. You can almost taste the vegetables, so infectious is his enthusiasm! At a ripe young age of 81 Peter has announced his ‘retirement’ from his television life today, as he is filming his last episode due to be shown on July 26. He will, however, be heard on a weekly talkback radio show on the Tasmanian airwaves.

The wonderful balance of his show along with a “you can do it” attitude has inspired a whole generation of gardeners to the blessings of home grown fruit and vegetables. He makes it look so easy at his veggie patch, that its easy to take a chance in spite of your black thumb. Goodness knows in this time of rising food prices home grown vegetables have become popular again across the planet.

From Wikipedia this short bio:

After leaving the Army in 1956, Cundall moved to Tasmania where he started his own gardening and landscaping business.

In 1967, he started a gardening talkback program on a Launceston radio station. In 1969, he began a long working relationship with Australia’s national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Commission, (now the Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

On Saturday March 31, 2007, an episode of Gardening Australia, was dedicated to Peter’s 80th birthday, which showed many of his famous clips episodes and his catchphrase,”That’s Your Bloomin’ Lot”(Which is a pun, regarding to the gardening program). It was shown on the ABC (Australian) Channel.

Peter Cundall’s final episode will go to air on July 26. Without his enthusiastic encouragement will the television gardening ever be the same?

Thank you Peter for making us appreciate the fruitfulness of the earth and teaching us how to make our gardens bloom!

PHOTO: Peter Cundall in his element.

Peter Cundall.

Photo coutesy Expertise Events, Copyright 2008.

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