The spectacular beauty of Antarctica – photo of the day.

Today I will begin adding a ‘ Photo of the Day’ section at the end of each post for your interest and enjoyment. Initially these will encompass the spectacular beauty of Antarctica. I hope they will also be of interest to the many visitors who view this site with the expectation of getting some information about icebergs. I am grateful to the the U.S. Antarctic Program, which is managed by the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs, for making these photographs available for publication from their Antarctic Photo Library.

So many green issues have been covered by this blog and the discussion has been a stream of words meandering into the ether of the blogosphere. It is salutary to be reminded of what is at stake and what is being lost. These images taken by the dedicated people who work in Antarctica, show us the textures and the spectacular scenery as well as the wild life that is being threatened by what is considered ‘progress.’ This year dedicated, as the “Polar Year,” should make us all aware of the impact on the environment of the globe’s insatiable need for energy.

So here, for your enjoyment, is the first Photo of the Day:

The view from the Gerlache Strait between Anvers Island and the Antarctic Peninsula.

August 1, 2002.\

“Photograph taken by Zee Evans, National Science Foundation. Date taken: August 1, 2002.”


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