Bio-crude, a new biofuel made from green waste, a CSIRO and Monash University breakthrough.

The CSIRO and Monash University have developed a process that can turn waste into a biofuel that could replace diesel and petrol and be more stable than existing biofuels the CSIRO reported today.

The breakthrough made changes to the chemical process enabling the researchers to create a more concentrated biofuel. The bio-crude resulting is more stable than existing biofuels from other sources like corn or sugar, and means that it will have a longer shelf life.

“This makes it practical and economical to produce bio-crude in local areas for transport to a central refinery, overcoming the high costs and greenhouse gas emissions otherwise involved in transporting bulky green wastes over long distances,” said Dr Steven Loffler of CSIRO Forest Biosciences.

The researchers are targeting low value waste such as forest thinnings, crop residues, waste paper and garden waste, significant amounts of which are currently dumped in landfill or burned . These contain lignocellulose which is renewable and potentially greenhouse gas neutral. It is predominantly found in trees and is made up of cellulose; lignin, a natural plastic; and hemicellulose.

Dr. Steven Lofffler said that another benefit of this biofuel is that forests do not have to be cut down to plant crops for biofuels and food crops would not have to be diverted for biofuel use. He saw the Bio-crude as an interim fuel usefully employing easily available waste till alternative fuels could be developed. He predicted that the bio-crude price would be competitive with existing crude oil and after final laboratory trials and patenting processing could begin around two years time.

This will certainly make good use of what now is low-value and under appreciated green waste giving recycling a whole new purpose.

~ by abstraktbiblos on Monday, 4 February, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bio-crude, a new biofuel made from green waste, a CSIRO and Monash University breakthrough.”

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  2. well.. i find this facinating and it is a useful source.. thank you!

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