China looks at tax plans to protect the environment.

An interesting article from the China Daily reports on China mulling over a number of plans for the imposition of environmental taxes. It reports that the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation and State Environmental Protection Administration are appraising a plan for the introduction of a tax from companies according to how much they earn from the products which consume resources or pollute the environment. A second plan targets the pollutants discharged and a third the consumers of polluting products.

While It remains to be seen if these proposals come to fruition, they may encourage Chinese companies to look at their use of finite resources and their contribution to the pollution of the environment and this is a good thing.

At least China seems to be looking at the problems with a view to reining in the production and usage of ecologically damaging products. This, at a time when the US is avoiding anything that would reduce profits for its companies.

It is time that producers and consumers alike be held responsible and accountable for the damage their actions are causing the environment.

It is encouraging that China is looking at the problem and its also hoped that some useful policies may come out of the appraisal of these plans.

~ by abstraktbiblos on Monday, 7 January, 2008.

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