O’ Christmas tree, O’ Christmas tree! more Green issues.

Even the humble Christmas tree has become the hot topic of discussion in this new era of climate change and Green aspirations.

Is it more ecologically friendly to turn away from the fresh plantation pine with all the issues of pesticides, fertilizers and transport footprints that this selection creates? Should one perhaps lavish one’s nurturing on that potted Wollomi pine in the back yard and lovingly decorate that?

What then of the problem of Christmas tree decorations? Will the style police demand a new colour scheme for each year? Last year’s black is out and tinsel sales are plummeting. The vintage decorations so lovingly kept no longer meet the style standards of today as even the Christmas tree becomes a fashion statement.

Plastic trees, (shudder the thought) though reusable, still fall foul of purists because of their petrochemical history. For my part, I weakened and dragged out the old faithful but reusable plastic tree that had a once only ecological cost.

The decorations I used span the decades of my own and my families years, some lovingly handed down, others hand made, but all memorable. No particular colour theme just lots of memories and fun. Perhaps I will have to reconsider my annual purchase of one new decoration and find some climate friendly alternative.

It seems that even the humble Christmas tree is on the climate change radar.


~ by abstraktbiblos on Tuesday, 18 December, 2007.

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